STARDOM is a  Broadway styled musical that dramatizes
humanity's mythical, mystic journey 
through the evolution of consciousness.

STARDOM'S plotline revolves around humanity's relationship with the characters Maya Earth, Leon the Sun and the eccentric and magical planets of the solar system, and the lessons each has to teach. 

Humanity is portrayed by the characters Ava and Tar
 who represent every man and every woman
the archetypes of Adam and Eve. 
The couple journey with their beloved Mother Earth through time, from
the blissful oneness they shared with her in the "Garden", 
to the duality of the present with its conflicting opposing forces. 

STARDOM explores the most personal, social
and environmental issues of our times and focuses its attention on
the emergence of the feminine sensibility 
and humanity’s pressing need to utilize this energy to balance the masculine.    

Through STARDOM, we have the opportunity to experience
the full realization of the potential tragedy our species faces today, environmentally, and in our relationship with each other. We present a positive and optimistic vision for tomorrow.  

 and celebrate a new world of your own making.

For audiences of all ages.

Be inspired, joyful, laugh and simply have fun.  

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I am Alain Gauthier, former performer and choreographer /director for Cirque Du Soleil...
Meet Dino DeFilippi and the amazing STARDOM the Musical and the STARDOM Phenomenon, he is creating. STARDOM is a masterful piece of musical theater...The mythical characters, the powerful songs... transform consciousness. 

More than a Musical….STARDOM is a Movement.                                                       

In a Spirit of Unity

Alain Gauthier

Artistic Director
Cavalia International Productions


        Dino DeFilippi 

   ScriptWriter, Lyricist         Concept, Director       STARDOM the Musical

     Executive Director
       The STARDOM 

     Above is a welcoming video and below is a STARDOM           central thematic song, "People of Planet Earth",
     sung by Hugh Douse. Hugh and Jon Williams are the             composers from Kingston Jamaica. 
Allow the Galaxy to take you on a tour of STARDOM the Musical beginning with the Story.
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